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SINERGI Researchers Present at Sino-European Program in Hangzhou in China

Five of our PhD students and Postdocs from the SINERGI project recently showcased their research at the joint Sino-European program in Hangzhou. Dr. Kuldeep Kavta, Junlin Chen, Zhimian Wang, Zuoning Jia, and Yu Zhou presented on the following topics:

  1. Safer Routes and Better Lives: Improving conditions of food delivery riders in Europe (WP2)
  2. Consumer Choice Modelling for Instant Delivery (WP3)
  3. Choice-Based Assortment Problem for Display Optimization (WP3)
  4. Mini Hub Location Planning under Stochastic Demand Assumptions (WP1)

These presentations highlighted significant advancements and research efforts within the SINERGI project, contributing to the global discourse on food delivery logistics.

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