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Sustainable Urban Logistics
in the Age of Digitisation

SINERGI proposes a comprehensive solution framework for designing and operating sustainable city-
logistics, enabling real-time management and strategic planning of efficient and rider-friendly delivery services

SINERGI Researchers Present at Sino-European Program in Hangzhou in China

Five of our PhD students and Postdocs from the SINERGI project recently showcased their research at …

SINERGI First Annual Consortium Meeting Held in Delft

On April 11th and 12th, the first annual consortium meeting of the SINERGI project took place in Del…

SINERGI Seminar Series on Optimization and Behavior Modelling

SINERGI team at TU Delft hosted a seminar series featuring experts from China, Singapore, and the Ne…

The relevance of SINERGI

Microdelivery-based city logistics platforms struggle to remain profitable. Boosting their efficiency will foster the usage of bikes instead of heavy vehicles. However, challenges related to riders’ unsafe behavior in traffic also need to be addressed. SINERGI aims to provide solutions that will help boost logistic operations that are both sustainable and safe.

SINERGI is a three-year program, running from 2023 to 2026, aimed at making city logistics greener and safer.

The SINERGI project consists of five work packages, which include in-depth research and pilots in Europe and Asia

In SINERGI, research institutions, governments, and companies, from five different countries join forces