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Introducing the remarkable team SINERGI, comprised of a dynamic ensemble of researchers, industry experts, and civic authorities boasting diverse domain expertise. This multifaceted team brings together individuals from various countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, China, and Singapore. Each member contributes a unique perspective and skill set, fostering a rich collaborative environment that amplifies our collective impact and innovation.

Dr. Shadi Sharif Azadeh

Project Coordinator Europe

Dr. Kun An

Project Coordinator China

Dr. Gonçalo Correia

Co – Principal Investigator and WP 2 leader

Dr. Hai Jiang

Co – Principal Investigator and WP 3 leader

Dr. Yousef Maknoon

Co – Principal Investigator and WP 4 leader

Dr. Dolores R. Morales

Co – Principal Investigator and WP 6 leader

Dr. Bart Van Arem

Team member (TU Delft)

Dr. Kuldeep Kavta

Postdoc researcher – WP 2

Dr. Dongyang Xia

Postdoc researcher – WP 4

Dr. Hai Wang

Team member (SMU) – WP 3

Mr. Tom Kuipers

Team member (AMS)

Mr. Daniël Scheerooren

Team member (AMS)

Dr. Yihong Wang

Team member (Thuisbezorgd)

Mr. Junlin Chen

Student member (Tsinghua University) – WP3

Mr. Eduardo Green

Team member (Gemeente Amsterdam)

Mr. Ton Geuzendam

Team member (Gemeente Vervoerregio)

Dr. Laust Mortensen

Team member (Danmarks Statistik)

Mr. Ola Hjukse

Team member (Hyke)

Ms. Kristine K. Fjetland

Team member (Hyke)

Mr. Lun Wang

Team member (Meituan)

Dr. Miaojia Lu

Team member (Tongji University) – WP 2

Mr. Bingzhen Gan

Team member (Milkrun)

Mr. Heisuke Miyoshi

Student member (TU Delft)

Ms. Yuchen Qi

Student member (TU Delft) – WP1

Mr. Chenghua Yang

Student member (TU Delft) – WP 1

Dr. Farnaz Farzadnia

Postdoc researcher – WP 4

Ms. Yunjie Zhang

Student member (TU Delft) – WP4

Ms. Xinyuan Zhang

Student member (Tongji University) – WP1

Mr. Rongjie Sun

Student member (Tongji University) – WP1

Mr. Yisong Chen

Student member (Tongji University) – WP1

Mr. Yu Zhou

Student member (Tsinghua University) – WP3

Ms. Leyi Yao

Student member (Tsinghua University) – WP3